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Salmon Poke with Cucumber, Pea Sprouts and Tobiko

Serves 6-8 appetizer portions - by Bill Bracken

Salmon                                   14 oz   

Cucumber (seeded & diced)   2 ½ oz      

Onion (small dice)                      1 oz

Pea Sprouts                             ½ oz

Seaweed Salad                      1 ¼ oz

Ponzu                                         3-4 oz

Sambal Olek (Chili Garlic Sauce tt

Tobiko (optional)                            1 Tbl

Furikake                                           2 Tsp

Salt & Pepper                                  tt


Low Sodium Soy                                    4 oz

Tangerine Juice                                     2 oz

Seasoned Rice Vinegar or Mirin           1 Tbl

Sesame Oil                                              1 tsp

You can purchase ponzu in most Asian markets but you can get creative! You can use a variety of citrus as well; have an orange tree? Use oranges! Just mix all the ingredients together and let sit.


  • Prepare the salmon by cleaning, boning and dicing into ½ inch cubes.

  • Prep the cucumbers and onions and add to the salmon with all other ingredients

  • In a mixing bowl combine them all gently until well mixed.

  • Taste and adjust seasoning as desired.

    • You can add more ponzu, furikake, or Chili Garlic to suit your taste.

  • Allow to set for 10-15 minutes to marinate and serve at once.


Now that you're ready, you can serve this delicious dish in a variety of ways! Serve it up with tortilla chips, or with rice chips, or mix in cucumber slices! Now sit back and enjoy this fresh treat.




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