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More than 300,000 people in Orange County and 2 million people in LA County are food-insecure.  Hunger affects the old and young alike, including families with children, seniors with fixed incomes, veterans, people with disabilities, jobless, and those who are houseless.

The majority of these are the working poor who struggle to feed their families, or seniors on fixed incomes who simply do not have enough to meet their needs.  Due to the soaring cost of living in Southern California even those families with 2 incomes often can’t make ends meet. These people face the difficult decision between food and other life necessities on a regular basis and we believe strongly that this shouldn’t happen.  Especially when we are wasting up to 40% of our food supply.



More than 400,000 OC residents don't know where their next meal is coming from. In addition to that, 59% of children depend on the free & reduced lunch meal program as their source of nutritional food.



Food waste is the single largest municipal waste. 35-40% of our food supply chain ends up unconsumed in the landfill. You could fill the Rose Bowl everyday with the amount of food wasted in the United States! That is quite alarming considering statistics of food insecurity that exists in the US.


As we enter a post Covid reality, there is a need for job opportunities as well as education opportunities to allow individuals a hand-up. California has one of the highest education costs making it difficult for low-income individuals to overcome their circumstances.  

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