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Halibut Ceviche

Let's cook some delicious and nutritious meals together in 2024...

~Serves 4-6 Appetizer sized portions~

Anyone have a New Year's Resolution to COOK MORE? Well we can certainly help with that... We challenge you, readers, to tap into your culinary genius in 2024 and try some new recipes! Discover the satisfaction in creating some truly tasty meals and treats for you, your friends & your family! We believe their is power in a home cooked meal and we encourage you to try some new things!

What better way to start this off than with a FUN, FRESH Halibut Ceviche? As Chef Bracken was planning and building Bracken’s Kitchen he consulted in several high end hotels to make ends meet at home. When working at El Encanto in Santa Barbara he, along with the Chef’s created this wonderful recipe. Using fresh local halibut from the Channel Islands it was an instant hit on the menu especially during the summer. We love it and think you will too.

What You'll Need:

Local Halibut or other mild white fish     1 #

Lemon Juice, Fresh                                    ½ cup

Lime Juice, Fresh                                        ½ cup

Orange Juice, Fresh                                 ¾ cup

Jalapeño                                                    1 ea, very thinly sliced

Cucumber Hot House                               1 ea, thin sliced

Salt                                                               1 ½ Tbl

Pepper                                                         1 Tbl

Cilantro                                                        2 Tbl

Your Next Steps:

  • Cut the halibut into small ¼ - ½ thick slices and reserve.

  • Mix all other ingredients together and pour over the fish.

  • Let marinate for 3-4 hours prior to service!

  • Just before serving, season with salt and white pepper to your preference of taste.

  • Serve with your favorite brand of tortilla chips and enjoy!


Note: For added variety diced tomatoes, bell peppers or avocado can be added just prior to serving for color and flavor! Get creative! Make it your own!



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