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Bill Bracken Is A Force Of Nature

Bill Bracken is a force of nature. With a booming infectious laugh, you know he is in the zip code a block away. When he spots you it’s never a handshake. It’s a bear hug, the kind that squeezes out every negative ion from your soul. He makes you believe anything is possible. His playground is any kitchen with a counter, a paring knife and a flame. A widely loved and respected chef, he has turned his culinary instincts and commitment to serve others to a cause that on a recent weeknight attracted a sold out crowd of “Bracken’s Buddies” to the teaching kitchens of the Art Institute of Orange County to raise money for his non-profit. Betsy is his food truck that rolls through our communities feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves. He is recycling some of the 14.4 million pounds of excess edible food that is rescued in this county annually to serve nutritional meals to some of the 315,000 hungry people amongst us. Three cheers for Bill and his tribe at Bracken’s Kitchen. He’s a force for good that we should all toast. Thank you my friend.

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