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Summertime hunger is a problem for 48% of children in Orange who rely on free and reduced-price school meals for most of their nutrition.

To make a greater impact and difference in the lives of children suffering from hunger, we partnered with Orange County-based nonprofit Team Kids during this last summer. Team Kids empowers young people to be responsible, resilient citizens with a passion for service through innovative school-based and community service programs.

We kicked off our partnership with Team Kids in May 2022. Chef Bill Bracken spoke to passionate young leaders at Robert C. Fisler School in Fullerton, participating in the month-long Team Kids Challenge service program to empower kids to change the world. He inspired the students by speaking about the power of food. The power it has in all of our lives; mind, body and spirit.

Julie Hudash, Founder and CEO of TeamKids, stated "It was so fun to witness the students’ excitement as they listened to Bill share his dream to end hunger and to be invited to be a part of the solution in their own way. They were so inspired that the school organized a food drive for Bracken’s Kitchen.”

Julie believed that the kids quickly realized they wanted to do more to contribute towards Bracken’s Kitchen’s goal to end hunger: “It just sparked the conversation of what else can we do. How can we move the needle on hunger by continuing our partnership beyond this one school?”

With the help of Sage Hill High School’s Give Back program, Team Kids created an amazing Passport to Serve and extended it all the way through Thanksgiving. Now, kids can participate in hands-on projects and provide basic human needs, such as food and supplies that Bracken's Kitchen has been giving to hundreds of children and families.

Team Kids’ Passport to Serve invites kids to engage in multiple activities of their choosing: write a card to seniors that Bracken’s Kitchen serves, host a food drive in their neighborhood, or record a short testimony on why they are passionate about solving hunger, draw a picture/write a letter with a positive note of encouragement, and share their favorite recipe! There is also an activity called Chores for Charity, where kids can do their least favorite chore around the house and either write, draw or record themselves. For every chore submitted, Team Kids will donate one dollar to Bracken’s Kitchen.

“Kids and families looking for opportunities to serve and make a difference in their community can go to the website,, and download this passport,” said Julie. “They can learn about all these service projects and ways to raise awareness for Bracken's Kitchen while spreading joy.” The best part is that there is no limit to how many kids can participate to make a difference. “It’s turning out to be more than just a food drive because it helps young people become educated about homelessness or about hunger in Orange County. It helps them learn about the issue, and then it mobilizes them to be problem solvers. All of the experiences help kids in leadership empowerment.”

Team Kids along with Bracken’s Kitchen are both very excited about this project. This partnership hopes to inspire and encourage kids to serve and make a difference.

“We'll have letters written for senior citizens. We'll have videos from kids about why we should end hunger. We can share them across our channels collaboratively to get more people involved, to end hunger through Bracken's, and through being with teen kids. The Sage Hill part is great to empower young adults to change the world,” Julie expresses. “We want kids to know that they matter, that they're significant and they can play a critical role in something as important as ending hunger.” To learn more about Team Kids and upcoming Team Kids Unite Challenges



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