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September 21, 2020

We had the good fortune of connecting with Bill Bracken and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Bill, as a parent, what do you feel is the most meaningful thing you’ve done for them? Besides loving their mother, hand’s Down, Bracken’s Kitchen: When I redirected my life from chasing fame and fortune as a successful and semi celebrity chef to feeding the less fortunate I never realize the impact it would have on my children, my youngest especially. He has been ringside since day one watching as we not only build a business but build a nonprofit business who’s sole purpose is to help others. I lived the first part of my life for me and my own success and have chosen to spend the second part of my life committed to others. I would like to think that this has and will continue to have a lasting impact on all my kids so show them that there is so much more to life then self. To find complete contentment and happiness by living a life of service to others.



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