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Miracle Manor

It’s no surprise that low-income families can struggle with rent and paying the bills. Add the unexpected financial burden and worry of a critically ill child and things

can turn into a crisis fast. To the rescue is Miracle for Kids, a local nonprofit in Orange that helps families with food, clothing, shelter and more—so parents can focus on the care their child needs.

Miracle For Kids also purchased an apartment complex in Orange and renovated it. It’s a safe, affordable long-term housing option for 12 families, dubbed “Miracle Manor”, located around the corner from CHOC Children’s Hospital.

Miracles for Kids is a miracle for families who are struggling with critically ill children and we’re grateful to partner with them to provide food for the families they serve.

Quiana Davis, 39, a mother of eight children and a resident at Miracle Manor is one of the many residents who receives Bracken’s Kitchen meals.

She moved in with her two-year-old daughter Janae (her middle name is “Miracle) in November 2020. Quiana lost her boyfriend and Janae’s father, he was a murder victim prior to moving in.

The struggles of being a single parent of a child who needs multiple surgeries was overwhelming. Janae has already had three open heart surgeries and two cysts removed from her trachea. It’s a lot for a two-year-old. And although she’s making progress, she still has more procedures to endure.

Quiana, a former full-time security guard is grateful for the miracles that are giving her hope at Miracle Manor. “The social groups, partners, donors and supplies are a huge blessing.”

On the evening that Babs or Betsy rolls up to feed Miracles Manor, Quiana looks forward to knowing that she will not have to be cooking for the night and that she’ll receive prepared food for a few days. She especially loves the chicken with broccoli and vegetables. “Everyone from Bracken’s is so thoughtful and I am so grateful for their love and support.

“They really take the stress away when they provide us with meals. I can just relax and enjoy the food being served. It’s always delicious and healthy. I can enjoy my neighbors and my community,” said Janae.

We are grateful for this partnership that we have with Miracle for Kids and knowing that we can help alleviate stress while providing nutritious meals to the families that they serve.



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