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Community Spotlight: Bracken's Kitchen

Thank you PaperMart for shining a light on our work.

About Bracken’s Kitchen

I believe every time we go on your website or see Betsy, your big, beautiful food truck, on the road, we fall in love with Bracken’s Kitchen a little more. For our readers who perhaps aren’t local or familiar with the mission of Bracken’s Kitchen, could you give us a little run down?

BK: Our official mission statement says, “Through food rescue, culinary training and our community feeding programs we are committed to rescuing, repurposing and restoring both food and lives.”

What that means in layman’s terms is that we get to go to work every day doing what we love to do, cooking tasty and nutritious meals and we get to do it for people who are really in need. We are able to do this through an amazing rescued food program that brings us high quality, perfectly good products that would otherwise go to waste. And while we are cooking all of these meals we get to train people in need and offer a path out of poverty.



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