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American Family Housing

Affordable rental housing is an acute need in southern California. In fact, Orange and Los Angeles Counties are consistently ranked in the top 15 when it comes to the highest rents and lowest vacancy rates.

American Family Housing (AFH) addresses this issue by developing and operating affordable rental housing serving the full range of median income levels. By providing affordable apartments and shared living opportunities in multi-family, single family and condominium units, AFH ensures individuals and families have housing options that allow them to successfully be a part of the local community.

AFH owns over 50 affordable rental housing properties in three southern California counties-Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino. AFH properties offer more than 250 units of housing that ensure the provision of safe, affordable homes for adults and families. Of these units, 75% are family units and 10% are set-aside for veterans. More than 25% of the units offer intensive support services to vulnerable populations.


We’re proud to be providing meals to those they serve since 2019. Each week, we’re providing three meals a day, seven days a week to approximately 70 families and individuals.

Dr. Mary Ann Ross, Chief Program Officer at American Family Housing says members enjoy the freshness, taste and quality of the food prepared by Bracken’s. They especially enjoy French toast, buffalo chicken salad and chicken marsala.

How has receiving meals affected your families?

The quality of the food prepared by Brackens has had a direct

impact on the health and psychological welfare of those we serve. Since introducing Bracken’s to our population we have not only noted an increase in our member’s overall biological, psychological and social health but also a decrease

in adverse incidents.

What has the experience of partnering with Bracken’s Kitchen been like?

Brackens frequently goes the extra mile to ensure that our members receive a variety of healthy, beautifully prepared and tasteful meals. The Bracken's Team is a joy and a blessing to any community partner and those that they serve.

American Family Housing is just one of over 60 agency partners that we serve. We are honored to be able to provide healthy meals to those who need it most.



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