In its simplest form, Bracken’s Kitchen delivers hot and nutritious meals in a fun, and dignified manner.



Join us at Bracken's Kitchen and get a great glimpse into our day-to-day tasks in ensuring we prepare healthy and nutritious meals for those who need it! We have numerous of awesome opportunities for you to get involved! We truly function at our best with the help of wonderful people like you who give up their time and talents to help us in the kitchen!

Explore our different Volunteer Opportunities!


Bracken's Kitchen has reached new levels and we are now preparing around 30,000 meals a week and hope to continue to grow that number this year.


We need your help prepping fruits, veggies, meats, and other tasks around the kitchen! With the mass amounts of meals being prepared daily, we need as many hands on deck as we can get to help ensure we continue to meet the needs in our community!

Note: No need for professional chefs here! Simple dicing, chopping, cleaning, and prep is all we need. Avid learners will flourish in the kitchen!


Here at Bracken's Kitchen, we have had to make a lot of changes in how we can effectively get more meals into more hands! Our need for packaging help has increased as we need to distribute more and more easily accessible meals! Would you consider helping us package and prepare our meals so they're ready to be served?

Note: Packaging will include boxing up our produce boxes, helping package our meals we send out daily, and help with any labeling that is needed for meals. Please note you may be asked to help with other tasks around the kitchen as well as needs change rapidly!


While our kitchen is full of talented individuals, keeping plants alive has not been our strongest suit! As our special gardener, we are looking for someone who will be able to come in once a week to help us maintain our grounds! This is as simple as picking weeds, cutting back overgrown plants, and watering! We'd love for someone to really help us bring back our little community garden to life. We would so appreciate someone with gardening experience and an hour to spare to come help us each week!

Please Note: This role requires some additional information and we want to make sure we have a job for you! After you have registered, please find our inquiry form under our Assignments page to help with Gardening.


Bracken's Kitchen provides meals every week to organizations such as Illumination Foundation, Project Access, American Family Housing, and various other charities to feed families in need of healthy and nutritious meals. If you are interested in volunteering with us, then please register as a volunteer and you'll be able to sign up for our current opportunities. 

For any corporate groups or volunteer groups please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@brackenskitchen.com to schedule your group shift.