In its simplest form, Bracken’s Kitchen delivers hot and nutritious meals in a fun, and dignified manner.



Join us at Bracken's Kitchen and get a great glimpse into our day-to-day tasks in ensuring we prepare healthy and nutritious meals for those who need it! We have numerous of awesome opportunities for you to get involved! We truly function at our best with the help of wonderful people like you who give up their time and talents to help us in the kitchen!

Explore our different Volunteer Opportunities!


Take on serving the community with our famous food trucks, Betsy and Babs! Bracken's Kitchen partners up with Illumination Foundation, Project Access, and other amazing organizations to feed kids and families in their communities. We will typically travel to low-income residential and housing locations through out Orange County with everything need to bring a delicious hot meal!


Your duties will include serving prepared meals, distributing drinks, salads, desserts, and helping with grocery distribution for our guests. But most importantly, to have fun meeting amazing families and kids! You are a light!


With all the meals being served weekly out of our kitchen, we need Distribution Drivers to assist us with transporting prepared food and meals during our weekly feeding events, to our community agency partners, recovery food partners, and local pantry distribution locations. 


As our driver representative, you will also express our mission and values to our partners, clients, and others! Please note: our driver should be comfortable/experienced in driving a larger utility van!


Bracken's Kitchen is all about helping to work with awesome organizations that are too trying to make a difference. By working with us and Project Oasis Compati, you will be working to help transport grocery boxes to Seniors and Veterans around Orange County. Your role would be to drop of grocery boxes to about 6-10 residential or housing areas. As a driver, you will also express our mission and values to those you are dropping off to!

Additionally, this role is used as a generalized wellness check. So please ensure you are showing compassion and warmth to those you are dropping off to! We're hoping to give them essential groceries as well as a happy visit!


We love to be able to capture the awesome volunteers and our wonderful guests at any of our feeding events. If you have a love for photography and a creative eye - this may be just the right role for you! As our event photographer, we would love for you to capture photos for marketing and advertising purpose as well as get photos of Bracken's Kitchen in action at our weekly events/special occasions.

It is an important role to simultaneously capture a portrait of those afflicted by hunger while witnessing the solution to those issues.

Please Note: This role requires some additional information and please inquire below and our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you personally to set up Volunteer Shifts!