To Teach, Train and Equip




Through hands on participation in a live kitchen environment we will teach, train and equip our young students with the skills needed to present them with culinary opportunities in the hospitality industry.


At Bracken’s Kitchen, we have created an environment that provides training, work experience, and above all else, the opportunity for at risk youth and young adults to work alongside professional chefs to learn essential skills for a career in food service.  Our Culinary Training  Program is tied into our food truck feeding program,  recovered food programs and our “Catering For A Cause” program.  Catering For A Cause is our social enterprise that helps to keep our programs running while offering future employment opportunities for our students.


With any culinary training program one of the highest expenses is the cost of food that a school much purchase.  By utilizing our recovered food program, we have a steady supply of products (at no cost) with which we use to teach basic culinary skills.


Through this training we provide our students the introductory skills needed for employment in a professional kitchen.  The training program entails learning the skills needed to prepare, cook and serve actual meals with menus that fluctuate around our rescued food inventory. 


By combining all of our programs we are building the framework to create a long term self-sustaining program that provides a hand up and not just a hand out.