The Pizza Throwdown

Much like the Clippers game, it was quite a spread at the end of Sunday’s head-to-head competition between the Veterans and Rookies. The team lead by Dean Kim and Sandro Nardone won their friendly wager with Rookie captains Brent Omeste and Chad Urata with an ending score of Rookies 60, Veterans 175. For those who could not attend the sold out event to benefit Bracken’s Kitchen, we recap below.

Attendees arrived as early as 10:20 a.m. to watch teams work on their doughy creations. The Rookies chose a simple, yet satisfying sausage pizza. The protein was a blend suggested by Hotel Irvine’s Jeff Moore from West Coast Prime Meats, consisting of ground pork, prosciutto and mortadella. Per Omeste, “We took the meat and seasoned it with toasted fennel seed, chili flakes, dried oregano, salt and pepper.”

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